Spaceships in Walkr


Walkr is an innovative spaceship powered by “walking energy.” By walking or running on the spherical steering device in the cockpit, the pilot can accumulate and store energy. This energy can be used to make leaps through space or even transcend the space-time continuum.
Energy Storage

Spaceship Skins

Experience the Legend

After 329 days of wandering alone through the universe, Collins & Doggii receive an alien message unlike any they’ve received before: a message from their fellow adventurers exploring the galaxy! Collins and his companions form their now legendary fleet, and carry on to uncharted corners of the galaxy, exploring the fascinating story behind each planet!

Mummy expedition team
Set off to the end of the Galaxy
The Kidnapped Engineer
Need money to hire mercenary pirates
Sudden Slime attack
A brave man must confront his attacker head-on

Discover Planets of Walkr

Angel Ruins
Pie Crust Manor
King of Cows
Banana Boat